Bitcoin Hits a New Record of $6,000 0 120

Bitcoin Hits a New Record of $6,000

Bitcoin crossed all the previous records and reached $6000 for the very first time. The market value of BTC has reached to about $6,003.81 thus overcoming the last set record which was $5,856.10 on October 13 as the highest value in its time.

BPI data is reported to show that bitcoin has crossed $200 in the past hour. Markers showed an average price of $5,697 prior to the ramp. The price of BTC is trading around $5,968 at the press time.

Exchanges are currently reporting a price over $6000 which includes Bitfinex and Bithumb which are the two largest exchanges in the world by volume.

BTC hits $6,000
BTC hits $6,000

For this week, BTC is up for 30 percent increase.

Other cryptocurrencies are also seeing remarkable improvements in their market.

Today’s move has increased the market capitalization up to $100 Billion, according to BPI, bitcoin’s market cap is roughly estimated to be 99.5 Billion, thus showing that the market rate of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day.

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