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This Family has given us an inspiration for tourism by showing their passion and spirit. They travel on a single motorbike throughout Pakistan.

The family calls themselves “The Road Leopards

The Father, Irfan Younas is a professional and a passionate photographer who captures wedding photoshoots and also maintains his company for the same cause. His passion for tourism led him to take this amazing step.

The thing that makes this family so different from all other families out there is the fact that it is travelling on a motorbike.

Road Leopards are enjoying

Posted by Irfan Younas – Road Leopards on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The family made its recent trip to the Northern Areas via motorbike and they have covered many other areas in the north Including Deosai plains and national park, Ali Malik Top, Naran Kaghan Valley etc. The road leopards loved the experience despite all the problems they faced during their challenging journey.

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Life is meaningless unless you have someone you can enjoy with.

Posted by Irfan Younas – Road Leopards on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Four people travelling on a single motorbike is a very difficult decision to make for both the wife and the husband, however, the brave family moved forward and showed the world how fun their experience was. The road leopards started their journey on 22nd of September and ended it on October 2nd. You can catch them up on their Facebook page.

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