Imran Khan Blamed For Sexually Harassing an Australian Model 0 137

Imran Khan and Lara Bingle

An Australian Model has blamed Imran Khan for Sexually Abusing her.

While accusing Imran Khan in her tweet to which she added an image, Lara Bingle said that the Harvey Weinstein is no way near Pakistan’s Imran Khan.

Harvey Weinstein though the brain behind some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, he is still accused of sexually abusing his female workers and many actresses.

Lara later added that she met Imran in London in 2013 where he sexually harassed her at a party.

She went on labelling PTI’s chairman as a “womanizer” and expressed that she is thankful to have never met him again.

Since Imran Khan has already had 2 failed marriages and wishes to get married again, it was easy for people to believe in her tweet,
However, Khan’s followers were strongly against the tweet and infuriated.

The story took a turn when the account authenticity was claimed as FAKE. It is obvious that the tweets too were FAKE. Lara Bingle is happily married to Sam Worthington and goes by the name Lara Worthington, she has her verified account on twitter but only if people could check the authenticity behind the spicy gossip.

In 2013 she called Imran Khan an animal but it is still unconfirmed that what was the cause of the smoke to the fire.

Many posts on Social Media are daily shared without confirming their authenticity, it has now become a social problem, which is why we would encourage people to confirm the news before sharing it with anyone. Remember that your followers trust you and any false news may lead to a bad impression among the followers.

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