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The news just came around the corner about a massive thing that both Apple and LG were secretly working on. Guess what? Its foldable screens we hear.

Apple and LG are working their level best in making foldable screens for future iPhones. The task looks challenging but it seems nothing is impossible in the world of technology.

The group is reported to already have developed a model of iPhone with foldable display and tests and researches are done over it. Let’s hope it passes.

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The folding device is reported to take two forms, both of an iPad or an iPhone. Sounds interesting right?

It was already in our knowledge that both Samsung and LG were working on their bendable screens since a long time. It is even believed that Samsung is to launch its bendable-screened phone in the forthcoming year.

LG has also shown many models of the phones that consist of bendable screens which includes one that rolls up like a newspaper and another that can bend like a book.

The material, of course, had to be something other than plastic which is exactly why a thin, special film was used with an attractive 18-inch display. LG had announced its debut in 2017 at that time but we have still not seen any signs.

Since both LG and Samsung were working on their bendable models of phones, iPhone chose to work with LG over the fears of privacy issues which is totally understandable.

Various complications may occur in the process of making. The iPhone has to be easy to carry and bendable, the display has to be outclassed, Size is also an issue but the companies are way ahead of our thoughts.

LG’s display recently formed a task force to work on a bendable OLED screen for the upcoming iPhone as LG’s display uses flexible OLED screens and has been working a lot on its improving recently however it is confirmed from an unnamed industry that panel production for an iPhone will not be ready till 2020 which is a lot of time.

LG Innotek has also created a team for creating a bendable yet rigid circuit board, widely known as RF PCB.

Samsung, however, has its bendable phone coming in next year. It is called “foldable valley” and upon folding it turns into a 7-inch tablet. However, it is also in news that LG will launch a model of the same type believing that it can sell almost 100,000 copies and is expected to release somewhere in October.

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