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Shahid Khan or Shad Khan belongs to the city of Lahore, Pakistan, He was born on 18 July 1950.

The journey started when In the early 1960s he had to leave his homeland for higher studies in Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois and thus shifted to the United States. At that very moment, he only had a small amount of $500 in his pocket.

Life was Hard, He used to study in the morning while in his part-time, he used to wash dishes in YMCA for $1.20 per day, he also used to live in the YMCA for $60 a month, in all that time he never once gave up and continued his utmost struggle.

After the completion of his degree, he started looking for jobs and used to appear in 50- 100 places for jobs but never got a single positive response, despite all this, he kept working hard, after all he had told his family in Pakistan that someday, he would be something big and make them all proud.

Though he was an engineer by profession, he still had to opt for a job as a laborer in an automobile company named Flex N Gate, but within a short amount of time due to his hard work and determination, he proved that he had something that was different.

Things started to turn around when he started to make customized car bumpers for various types of cars and pick up truck, the transaction for this business involved $50,000 from the bank as bank loan and $16,000 from his own savings, things were a bit rough in the beginning but the business was a huge success and he earnt a huge sum of money, later bought Flex N Gate from its former owner.

Soon after he expanded his business supplies, Toyota Company noticed him and gave him a contract, Shahid Khan now started supplying a small number of bumpers for Toyota pickups. This was a huge moment of success for Shahid Khan and he started expanding his business throughout the United States and several other countries. By 2011 his company had 12,450 employees and almost 48 manufacturing plants in both United States and several other countries, the company’s revenue was $3 Billion.

Today Shahid Khan is the owner of not only Flex n gate but many more companies like it, he is the owner of 2 football clubs and one Rechte club, In the year 2012 America’s top-rated Magazine Forbes recognized him as a Billionaire. During the recent elections that took place in the US, he donated a huge sum of $1 Million to Donald Trump’s party. He has even received multiple awards from the University of Illinois for his distinguished services.

“Shahid Khan’s net worth is $7.2 Billion. Which makes him Pakistan’s Number ONE, America’s number 60 and the World’s 360 richest men.”

Through his hard work and perseverance, Shahid Khan made it clear that if you have determination and a spirit of never giving up, you can even make the impossible possible just like he did even though Shahid was just 16 years old when he stepped in the United States and through his power of self-determination, he overcame all the obstacles in his path and continued his journey.

Shahid Khan’s Success Story gives us a deep moral of never giving up in life, any matter how hard the situation may be if you have the power to never give up, you will eventually win it.

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