Rocket Man Elon Musk plans to replace airplanes to Rocket 2 188

Anywhere on the planet in under an hour.

Yep, you heard it right! The world is yet to see this drastic jaw-dropping change. We’re upgrading from airplanes to rockets and here’s how.

Elon Musk who is widely known as the CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp. also known as “SpaceX” recently gave further details on his idea of travelling to Mars and the Moon at a Space Industry conference in Australia, but to our surprise he did not just finish there, he further dropped jaws when he talked about his brand new “ingenious” idea of the “city to city travel”.

The BFR will be capable of taking people from any city to any other city on Earth in under one hour. Watch this

Using the very same ingenious technique that he applied for travelling in the space, he is going to use it as means to travel anywhere on the globe with 30 minutes! That’s right 30 minutes. We will now be allowed to travel from any city to another city within a short span of time. As amazing as it sounds you will be pleased to know that it will cost the same as an economy class airplane ticket.

If we are building this thing to go to Mars, why not to other cities? He said.

For an instance, travelling from New York to London would take 19 minutes, travelling from New York to Shanghai would be taking no longer than 39 minutes. Thus making it much more convenient for people to travel and save extra hours. The rockets will have landing floating pads in the major cities from where they will take off and land.

Musk further introduced a much better rocket this year as compared to the old one which was called “unrealistic” because it was extremely large and thus criticized over its size. He promised to introduce a much advanced and reasonably sized rocket that he named as Big Fucking Rocket (BFR). The BFR would be capable of carrying 100 people and would carry astronauts and cargo onto various vast missions. Moreover, it will also be able to launch satellites.

Musk intends on starting his work on the rocket about 6 months from now as he plans on sending people to space by 2024, he also intends on leaving behind all the other rockets in competition. No doubt SpaceX has been the first private company to send its spacecraft to the space other than governments and currently sends cargo there too. SpaceX has won over $4 Million in its contracts with NASA.

Despite the whole theories it still seems a difficult job to do as people might be less attracted to the new system and the stresses that they have to go through in order to save some hours. Nothing is yet known about the passenger experience and landing of course, but we hope for the best.

What do you think about Musk’s idea? Would you like to travel in his new BFR? What problems do you think can occur? Share your opinions with us and stay tuned for more news on this topic.

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