Samsung confirm to launch their Galaxy X 2 303

Speaking to Bloomberg the smartphone boss said:

  • "For sure we will launch the product."
  • As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year, "When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product."

After the release of iPhone X, Samsung is about to launch their Galaxy X. Samsung had an amazing year in 2017 with the launch of Galaxy s8 and Galaxy Note 8, and now it seems like 2018 could be even bigger with a rumour of the new Galaxy X.

We have been hearing from the last few years about the foldable phones that are coming, and now it’s looking like Samsung could be the first company to commercially lunch one, possible it’s lunch this year or in 2018 start.

There was a video on youtube which was released way back in March 2017 by techconfiguration about upcoming Samsung Galaxy X.

Here’s how it looks

The Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung could launch its Galaxy X in 2018

By choosing the same name as Apple, Samsung may want to show who really innovates. Apart from that, the rumours about the device also sound really innovative. Samsung has been experimenting with folding screens for years and will bring it to the Galaxy X. According to the latest stories, the company has tested two variants: one in which the screen could be folded inwards and one with which the screen could be folded outwards.

The choice would have been on the first variant. This means that the Galaxy X can be used as a kind of flip phone and clicks the screen inward. Samsung appears to have already received the first certifications for the device. According to business magazine Forbes, the device is already declared compatible with the latest version of Bluetooth and mobile networks.

Release in 2018

This seems to be the case with Samsung manager Koh Dong-jin. He announced at the beginning of this month during a conversation with Bloomberg press office on the goal of releasing the device next year. “As a head of business, I can say that we’re targeting next year,” he told. “And if we solve our problems, we will launch the product.”

Whatever these problems, Koh Dong-jin did not tell, even though we can speculate about that. It seems that it is very complicated to quickly gain the production of smartphone smartphones. That’s what Samsung might like to do with his Galaxy X. Still, it’s great that the company has the ambition to innovate quickly – smartphones with curved screens are just on the market and just as broadly embraced and the company seems to take the next step.

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