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Just the last thing we saw coming around the corner was another Samsung phone being burnt off since the last year’s note 8 was a terrible disaster, turns out the story has a bit of a twist.

A young man was spotted taking his shirt off after a Samsung phone was seen exploding in his left breast pocket. Whaoo! Looks like he was trying to save himself and he had to help included from a bypasser.

The whole scene was caught as a CCTV image of the Ciputra Semarang Hotel where the man currently is an employee. He was seen falling down to the floor and managing to take off his shirt at the same time, a bypasser is also seen helping him. Yulianto suffered minor burns that would heal in no time.

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The police think it was due to the use of data, Bluetooth, wifi, Bluetooth etc going on at the same time that caused the phone to overheat.

You would be surprised to know that this time, it was not Samsung’s fault. The battery in the phone did not belong to a reliable source upon research. It was not even manufactured by Samsung.The South Korean Electronics informed the CNET News that;

We sincerely wish for our customer’s swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung’s genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products.

Last year was a very hard year for Samsung when the Galaxy Note 7 went out, people were experiencing the same explosions, thus Samsung had to call of the devices for repair, however when even the repair had no effect on the explosion defect in the phone, Samsung had to call the devices off and kill them, which of course put Samsung in a great loss. We hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be a better option.

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